Tue, 09/04/2012 - 21:18 -- Blurpi

Hearty helloes and warm welcomes to my new home!
This website will serve as a portal for both you & me. It will connect with my twitter, facebook and youtube accounts, and provide you with all the neccesary information you might want about myself and my projects. All my videos will be neatly in store at your disposal, and the website will allow you to easily submit replays and in turn have a chance to be part of my projects.

This website will serve as a channel where I post updates and news, big and small! You will also find some in-depth information about myself, my editing history, my editing motivations aswell as some fun trivia about myself and my videos!

In the future, the plan is to have a forum to discuss videoediting and DotA in general, so stay tuned and sharpen your keyboards!

Once again, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!