Day 2 - Scenes, an entertaining game, and a vlog?

Fri, 09/07/2012 - 19:26 -- Blurpi

Productive day so far! Been watching and rating alot of submitted scenes today, and a few gems has been turning up acutally! But more is needed if I am to make a whole 10 minutes (or more) video! ^^ So show your friends the replay request video, and have them submit some awesome scenes for the project! Remember that you submit scenes right here on the website!

I also watched this crazy game of Na'Vi vs EHOME from last years ESWC that I totally recommend that you check out (SPOILER: ***Dendi goes crazy with pudge***)!

Tomorrow I'll start putting together the scenes that I have so far and go hardcore-editing-mode!

I'm also thinking of starting a vlog where I just talk about Dota in general, my projects and just show you some editing tricks perhaps! Any thoughts on that idea? Feel free to leave a comment!